Staying Well

Staying Well

We all want to stay as healthy as possible but sometimes it’s hard to know what’s troubling you.

Is your tiredness a sign of a busy lifestyle or something more? Are you thirsty because you’ve been exercising more than normal, or could it be a sign of diabetes? Check out these self-care resources first and if you’re still feeling out of sorts after a couple of weeks, make an appointment to see your GP who can diagnose and rule out conditions, based on your symptoms, and help you to stay well.


Local Services

National Services

Carer support:


Local Services

Taste for life cookery course:

National Services

Useful information from the Association of UK Dieticians:

The Doctors Kitchen podcasts:


Check if a medical condition affects your eligibility to drive:


Local Services

National Services

Honest information about drugs:


Local Services

Active lives programme:

Reshape programme:

Family exercise programme:

Park Run:

National Services

Couch to 5K:

23 1/2 hours Dr Mike Evans:

Movement & exercise advice for patients:

Health checks

Free NHS health check for 40 – 74 year olds. Please contact your surgery to book an appointment:


Where to go for local support:

National Services

Infection control

Good hand washing:

Should I keep my child off school?

Lifestyle – Promoting healthy choices

Local Services

National Services


Local services working to combat social isolation:

Men in Sheds: Support for men over 50:

National Services

Call in Time. Telephone befriending service for over 60 year olds:


Looking after medications – advice for you:

Advice for carers:

NHS screening programmes

Info on current UK screening:


Link to local pharmacy directory:

Sepsis – What to look for:

Stopping smoking