Children’s Health

Children’s Health

Infants require regular NHS check-ups to ensure they’re developing well and these are key to monitoring your child’s progress.

Of course, children can experience a wide variety of ailments and illnesses too. If your child is displaying symptoms or something just doesn’t feel right, a healthcare professional at your GP practice will be happy to conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the cause.


Local Services

Health visiting team – Contact Health Visiting team on 0300 123 0755 between 9.30am-16.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Well baby clinic times:

Breastfeeding support:

Parenting community information:

Continence services – Please see your GP for a referral:

Mental health services:

Local Autism support:

Physical activity

Young carers support

National Services

Vaccination schedule babies & children:

Using paracetamol after Meningitis B vaccine:

HPV vaccine:

Breastfeeding support:

Mental health support:

Parenting advice:

Continence support:

Advice about minor illness in children:

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