Ageing Well

Ageing Well

It’s normal to experience more health problems as you get older, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

Treatment can prevent, resolve and manage a variety of health conditions, so consulting your practice team in the first instance can be the key to enhancing your quality of life and ageing well.


If you feel that you have a hearing issue you should discuss this with your GP.

Adult audiology:

Ear wax:



Local Services

Dementia information:

Day support:

Community dementia companion:

National Services

Falls prevention

Local Services

Be Steady Be Safe:

National Services

Preventing falls:


Local services working to combat social isolation:

Men in Sheds: support for men over 50:

National Services

Call in Time. Telephone befriending service for over 60 year olds:

Pressure ulcers


Recognising a stroke:

When you have had a stroke: