Macclesfield has an increasing number of older residents who we want to ‘age well’. Our Ageing Well programme takes a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing and supports you with any medical needs you may have. We have been testing out a programme of interventions including specialty clinics for patients who may benefit from therapy, nursing, pharmacy or social interventions, and group sessions for our residents that may value the opportunity to think ahead about healthy ageing.
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The workshop has been set up in collaboration with your GP practice to improve your general health and wellbeing in support of healthy ageing. As part of the workshop you will be introduced to some of the Ageing Well Team and have an opportunity to meet other people from the local community. You will also get to meet and become involved with different charities and societies that run services within Macclesfield.
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Health and social care workers from different services often have to record their involvement in your care on different electronic systems. This makes it difficult for everyone to get a complete picture of your needs. This project is working to create personalised care plans on EMIS (a system already used by some services including your GP). When complete, it will help to reduce duplication and allow the different professionals involved in your care to work better together because the important information will be accessible in one place, by those that need it, including patients and carers.
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For many of our residents, feelings of loneliness and social isolation can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing. This project covers social prescribing (linking people up to non-medical services and activities in the community that they may benefit from). We are working to connect communities, in partnership with voluntary and charitable organisations, so that Macclesfield can make the most of all its assets.
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Visiting Service & Residential Home Training

The Care Community works in partnership with other services and care providers to ensure a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing.
For many of us, or our relatives, our usual place of residence may be a care home. For this project, we are working with local care homes to share learning and ensure everyone has up-to-date knowledge and skills in all areas of care.
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