Welcome to Macclesfield Primary Care Network

As the town’s six GP practices, we’re often the first point of contact for NHS care to over 60,000 local people.

With demand for health and care services increasing as we get older, GP practices across the country are working together to provide their local communities with a resilient and high quality healthcare service. Facilitating this joint working in our community is the Macclesfield Primary Care Network.

Our Network brings together the practices of Waters Green Medical Centre to develop high quality healthcare services for all our patients in a convenient and reliable setting.

Your GP practice will still be operating independently, but by working alongside the other practices, we will be able to provide an easy-to-access, efficient healthcare service for the residents of Macclesfield, now and in the future.

What is a Primary Care Network?

Primary Care Networks are the new way for local health services to work together; by building upon existing primary care services, this enables a greater provision of proactive, personalised and more integrated health and social care. 99% of GP practices are now working in partnership as part of local Primary Care Networks.

Watch a short animation from NHS England explaining how they work here.

What is Macclesfield Primary Care Network working on?

It’s early days but we’re already well ahead and starting to agree on new approaches and services based on what local people need. Longer term, this will help us work together to recruit more staff such as physician’s associates, clinical pharmacists and social prescribing link workers so that we can offer a broader range of services to patients across our practices.

So what might this look like for patients in the future?

  • Some longer GP consultations – up to 20 minutes – if your GP thinks you need one.
  • Same-day emergency appointments or phone consultations when you need them, not next week.
  • Access to other healthcare professionals such as physios and pharmacists who can see and help you quicker when you are unwell.
  • Different types of appointments – telephone, online and digital consultations where a tap and a click could save you a trip.
  • A wealth of online health advice and apps that you can trust to manage your own health 24/7.
  • A range of easy ways to get involved in your own care and have a greater say in local health services and how these are delivered.

Meet the Team

Our Primary Care Network management team is led by our clinical director, Dr Joe Banns. Watch the video to the right to learn about our mission statement and goals.

Primary Care Networks in Action

What do staff and patients think about Primary Care Networks. We asked some of them:

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