A note from Macclesfield PCN’s Clinical Director:

Wednesday, 22nd December 2021

As you will be aware, the government has declared a Level 4 National Incident in relation to the new Omicron Covid variant. Following guidance from NHS England the Macclesfield GP practices have been asked to pause routine and non-urgent care to redeploy staff to support the delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations. All General practice teams have been asked to clinically prioritise services and to deliver only urgent or emergency care and other critical services such as cancer care.

We are aiming to concentrate on urgent care in the very short term, alongside delivering the vaccine programme. We are hopeful that this will only impact us for a few weeks.

Can I still see my GP?

During this time, please help us to maintain our focus by only contacting your GP practice if absolutely necessary. Remember, you can get self-help advice online at and at your pharmacy. You can also call 111 for advice.

Important guidance to patients:

    • if you feel your need is urgent you can still contact your GP
    • please do not attend Accident and Emergency because you feel you cannot contact your practice
    • If you have any symptoms which you are concerned about, which you feel may be related to cancer, please get in touch with your doctor
    • If you have any doubt, please contact your GP practice who can offer advice about whether your problem can safely wait.

We would not choose to be in this position and make these changes to our services, but it is very clear that we are now in a national emergency situation. We want to fully play our part in contributing to the ongoing delivery of the COVID booster campaign, alongside continuing to provide safe and effective care to our patient population.

This is a challenging time for everyone and as always, we are very grateful for all the support, understanding and kindness shown to our teams.

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